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Slate has some beautiful qualities to show off with, one of them being the smooth surface presenting a perfect underground for artistic works. With the help of the very relaxing pointillism technique, you can achieve wonderful artworks. While the decorated slate is drying, another highlight awaits you: The visit of the underground mine where you can discover the origin of this rock! Together with the family, point your way at the workshop dots.slate.


Please bring a jacket and wear sturdy shoes.


Age of the participants: whole family, starting the age of 6 years

Timing: 2,5 hours

The workshop can also be book for individual groups (upon request) at any date and time for a maximum of 10 participants and the flat fee of 125€.


FURTHER DETAILS (payment, arrival, parking, discount)



Individual booking:

125€ flat fee (max. 10 participants)

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