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The entrance fees, shop items as well as drinks and food can be paid in cash (only EUR), by credit card or by Digicash.

You will also have the possibility to book your entrance tickets online and to pay them ahead of time by credit card. However, you will need to proceed to the reception with the printed ticket as you enter the Slate Museum, to receive the last pieces of information needed for the visit.

If you have a group reservation, we will highly recommend the payment of the guide’s allowance and the entrance fees ahead of time as this will fasten the validation process of the entrance tickets.



You can join the Slate Museum easily by car or by bus.

By car, coming from the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, you can follow the road N23 direction Rombach/Martelange, then head to the left on the CR311. 


Coming from Belgium, you follow the N4 direction Arlon (coming from the North) or direction Bastogne (coming from South). In the center of Martelange you turn onto the road N23 and then directly turn right onto the CR311. Here the parking space of the Slate Museum is already signposted.


Finding your way to the Museum by public transportation is also possible: Take the bus 530 (coming from Ettelbrück/Diekirch) or bus 590 (coming from Redange). You will get off at the stop “Leekoll” and take few meters of a walk to the entrance. Taking the bike, you can just follow the Veloroute W9 coming from Bastogne, or if you take a ride in Luxembourg, then the “Cycling path of the slate” PC18, starting in Koetschette, will lead you to the Museum.


The Parking space is located on a sideroad of the CR311 (Rombach/ Martelange – Wolwelange) and is signposted at the main road. Parking space is available for cars, buses as well as motorcycles. A small walk will lead you straight to the entrance of the Museum.


You will have the possibility of booking online the entrance ticket for the dominical guided tour. Booking your tickets through our website will give you the advantage of exactly choosing your favorite date for the visit and seeing if places are still available.  However, it is important to know that, even if you purchased your ticket online and it is already paid, you need to print out the ticket or save it on your phone in order to be able to process to the underground mine. Also, it is mandatory to be on time for the visit, which means being at the Museum before the official start of the tour.


Discounts for students and seniors are provided for both group and individual tours. However, students between 18 and 26 years of age must show a student ID, while seniors over 65 years of age should also have proof of identity with them. The exact discounts can be found on our price list .

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