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We are very proud to announce that the Slate Museum has gotten three recognitions in the 2nd Edition of the Luxembourg Tourism Awards!

Our Underground mine "Johanna" up to a depth of -42m is a double winner! First in the category "Culture". And a second time, through lots of support and votes from our visitors, the underground has also won the "Public's Favourite" Price.

The third recognition goes to our one and only "Leekëppert" (Slate quarry man), René Risch, in the category "Deserving Volunteer", for the help and work he has given to the Museum the last 30 years!

Here under you'll find some pictures of the award ceremony from the 13th of July:

Luxembourg Tourism Awards 2023 is a competition intended to reward those who work in the tourism sector, who are able to present a project related to the provision of a tourism service within the active tourism sector. The project presented must fit the active tourism philosophy, i.e. it should open people’s minds to other cultures, encourage them to take part in local activities, which may involve a personal challenge or a learning experience for personal development. Active tourism is closely linked to rural tourism, and furthermore, it is practised by people who care deeply about the environment, as it is based on ecological and sustainable tourism. Active tourism is therefore a philosophy that combines adventure, ecotourism and cultural tourism through exploratory trips or visits.

There is no time restriction on the projects submitted to the competition, however, they must still be in existence and operational. Projects, ideas or concepts that are in the process of being set-up or are still in the planning phase are excluded from the competition.

The competition is divided into seven categories:

  • Culture

  • Adventure

  • Ecotourism or ecotourism activities

  • Hotels

  • Campsites

  • Gîtes and more unusual accommodation

  • Gastronomy

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