Requirements & Security

COVID-19: Which are the requirements in place for the moment at the Slate Museum?

Wearing a mask is mandatory and must be born all the time, without exemption.

Is the underground mine secured?

The Slate Museum as well as the underground mine are regularly inspected by the official entities such as the official "Work and mine inspections" (ITM).

Do I have to fulfill any requirements to be able to visit the underground mine?

Ideally you are able to take stairs and are not afraid of being underground.

What’s the depth of the mine and how many steps have to be taken?

The mine can be visited down to a depth of -15 meters, which means that you will have to descend and to climb approx. 40 steps (there is no elevator).

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What is the temperature in the underground mine?

A constant temperature of 9°C is reigning in the underground mine, in winter as well as in summer.

Is special clothing recommended for a visit?

As a constant temperature of 9°C is reigning in the underground mine, in winter as in summer, we recommend bringing a warm jacket as you will spend some time in the underground. Also, we recommend wearing good, closed shoes as the path might be uneven and dirty.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes! Wearing a helmet in the underground mine is mandatory and will therefore be provided by the Slate Museum. As of the entry to the mine, the helmet must be worn without exemption, until the exit. After exiting the underground mine, we kindly ask you to deposit the used helmet back on where you took them.

Can I bring my backpack, purse, etc to the mine?

Small backpacks and purses can be taken to the underground mine, but make sure your hands are free. Bigger items are not allowed and need to be kept either at the reception or even in your car, if you do not need them.

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Access PRM/children/animals

Can people with reduced mobility (PRM) visit the Slate Museum?

In general, everybody can visit the Slate Museum, with or without physical restrictions. Only the underground mine cannot be visited by people using wheelchairs, walkers, walking sticks, due to security reasons, as the walking path is kept in the original shape from 200 years ago, so it will be very difficult to get around while suffering any physical restrictions. All the exhibitions, buildings, parc area which are above ground can be visited without any problem.

Is there an elevator to reach the underground mine?

No, there is no elevator available. Visitors who would like to discover the underground mine have to descend and climb approx. 40 stairs which is why a good physical condition is required.

Are children allowed to visit the Slate Museum?

Of course, children can visit the Slate Museum, a lot of different things can be discovered above ground for all the kids. The entrance to the underground however is limited to the children older than the age of 4 years.

Starting what age children are allowed to visit the Slate Museum on their own?

Children between 4 and 15 years are allowed to visit the Slate Museum only while being accompanied by an adult. Starting the age of 16, teens can visit the Museum on their own, without further accompanying person.

Can my child (<4></4>

Due to safety and security reasons, the access to the underground mine is prohibited for children below the age of 4, even if they are carried by their parents. But a lot of fun activities for children can be found on the area (e.g., labyrinth, train ride, shop, ancient’s café,…)

Are dogs allowed at the Slate Museum?

Dogs can enter the site of the Slate Museum, but the dogs must be always leashed while being on the area. The entrance to different buildings and the underground mine is prohibited due to safety reasons. As the territory has a size of about 8ha, there will be enough place to take a walk with the dogs, but only when leashed.

General Information

Is WIFI available at the underground mine?

All over the area of the Slate Museum, you will be able to have an internet connection. However, in the underground mine there will be no WIFI coverage.

Can I visit the Museum with the help of a guide?

Of course, you can discover the Slate Museum through a guided tour where you will hear more inside stories and anecdotes about the former life in the area. You can just to send us an e-mail or call us so that we can arrange and book a guide (allowance for the guide is always the same) for you alone, as a family or for a group composed of up to 25 people.

Can I bring my own foods and drinks?

Certainly, you can bring your own lunchbox to the Slate Museum and eat/drink at the areas intended for this purpose and afterwards to dispose the garbage in the correct bins. Apart from these areas, we would recommend you not to take your own food and drinks.

Can we purchase foods and drinks on site?

The Slate Museum shelters an ancient’s café which is offering warm and cold drinks as well as some smaller snacks (chips, chocolates,) On special days, the café is run by members of the friends of the Slate, when there is a huge possibility of having a homemade cake or cookie, along with some interesting stories about the Museum.

Can I access the Slate Museum without wanting to visit anything, but just to take a nice walk?

Yes! This is not a problem at all as the Slate Museum is an open Museum. The access to the Museum is free, so you can just come in and enjoy your walk! Of course, you are free to grab a drink at our café to make purchases at the reception or to buy a ticket for the train ride (if available).

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Online Tickets

How can I purchase the entrance tickets to the Museum?

If you are already at the Slate Museum, you can either purchase the entrance tickets directly at the reception and pay them by Digicash (Payconiq), Credit card or cash. Otherwise, you can buy the tickets beforehand on our website, where you can pay them directly and have the advantage of freely choosing your time frame for your visit.

If I purchased an online ticket, can I straight descend to the underground mine?

Even if you purchased an online ticket, you would still have to pass by reception just to validate your ticket. This is a very fast routine and the perhaps long waiting times can be slipped.

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How many classes/students can participate at once at an excursion?

In general, we can accommodate a maximum of 40 students at once for school-excursions. The program can be adapted to the size of the group.

How many free seats are we teachers allowed to have?

Per class of a maximum of 25 students, you are entitled to have 2 free entrances at the museum. Please contact us for further information.

Can we take our lunch/picnic on site?

Of course, we can provide you a covered space where you can take your lunch/picnic together with the whole groups and play or rest during your breaktime, just as you need it.

Do the students have to bring specific items to the Museum?

We highly recommend everyone brining a jacket and wearing closed shoes during the visit at the Slate Museum, even in Summer, as the underground mine is having a constant temperature of 9°C and the flooring can be very uneven. You can also bring a torch, if you would like, but it is not necessary.

Is it possible for the bus to stay at the Museum during the whole visit?

Of course, the bus can stay parked at the main parking lot during the whole duration of the school excursion.

How many participants are allowed at the workshops/further education?

The number of participants may vary from workshop to workshop, but in general it should not exceed 12 participants.

Can I book online for my participation at a further education program or for a school excursion?

For the moment, the further eductaion program as well as the school excursion program can be booked only via telephone or by mail. It is not yet possible to book these throu our ticket shop.

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For which type of events the location “Slate Museum” can be rented?

The Slate Museum can be used for different types of events, such as birthday parties for children and/or adults, private celebrations, team buildings, events of associations,… All the organized events however have to be in harmony with the Museum’s philosophy and therefore need to be clarified with the Museum’s Committee beforehand.

Is it possible to rent only parts of the Slate Museum?

Of course, you can rent only 1 or 2 of the Museum’s buildings, the rental costs will be adjusted accordingly. The rental will be possible only starting 2022 as the Museum is partly under construction for the moment.

Which services are included in the rental costs?

Water and electricity are automatically included in the rental fees. Chairs, tables, tents,… can be requested separately, same as if you would like some activities during your event (guided tours, workshops,…).

Which is the maximum allowance for participants at an event?

The different buildings have each one a different maximum capacity for accommodating participants which means the event is limited to the maximum capacity of that building and the event organizer is guaranteeing that these maximum numbers are at no time exceeded.

If we would like to organize a festival/big event, do we need an additional insurance on our side?

Yes, the administration of the Slate Museum is requiring to each of the organizers a separate, specific insurance to be always on the safe side.

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