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Dear visitors,

For its first time, the much-anticipated « Meekoll » event has illuminated the Slate Museum in Haut-Martelange with its radiant presence. This year, the sun joined us, offering a perfect day with a charming temperature of 22°C.


It was a memorable and successful day. Visitors dived into the depths of history by exploring the museum's underground mine at -42m and immersing themselves in the Matgen & Biren exhibition, which captivated minds from April 20th to May 5th.


The tractor parade brought a touch of rustic charm to the event, providing visitors with an authentic and picturesque experience.


And of course, culinary delights were on offer! From appetizing grills to refreshing drinks, including delicious fresh beers and soft drinks, satisfied the palates of visitors. Live music and games added a festive and lively atmosphere to this unforgettable day.


The success of May 1st was a promising taste of what the future could hold. We look forward to a new edition with "Meekoll" next year at the same location, to celebrate Labor together in joy and good spirits.

A big thank you to all the visitors who made the trip and contributed to making this day unforgettable. The Slate Museum team expresses its gratitude and invites you to join us for new exciting adventures.

See you soon!

The Slate Museum Team



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