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Georges Carbon, descendant of the transport and bus company François Frisch from Rambrouch and known for his beautiful vintage buses, contacted the Slate Museum in 2023 about his Dodge Fargo. This is a lorry that his grandfather drove in the 1950s to transport slate bricks, slabs and waste, among other things. Agnes Hoogenhout, president of the Frënn vun der Lee, Marco Schank, president of the Musée de l'Ardoise, administrator Doris Thilmany as well as Georges together with his mother Clode Carbon-Frisch met at the sawmill of the former slate quarry for the official handover on this cold 8 January morning. The Dodge Fargo was a truck that was shipped to the mainland in large numbers by the Americans after the Second World War to re-motorise the continent and drive the recovery. The Dodge Fargo, built in 1948, can be admired during official visiting hours. The Haut-Martelange Slate Museum is also open underground during the winter months, on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 18:00, as well as by reservation during the week.

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