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On the 4th December, the world is celebrating Holy Barbara, the patron saint of the quarrymen and all those who could suddenly die while being at work.

Usually the friends celebrated holy Barbara on a saturday just before the 4th December, but this year all was different so the celebration took place a little later, which at the end didn't change the commemoration of this former quarrymen's tradition!

The church in Wolwelange was decorated by Sonja Kettmann and Frank Dimmer, the priest Joël Santer held the holy mass, embellished by the local choir directed by Ferd Meckel and accompanied by Henri Grof. Besides some local municipality representants, also the politicians Jeff Engelen and André Bauler found their way to Wolwelange/Haut-Martelange to commemorate the saint Barbara.

A reception, offered by the municipality of Rambrouch, was organized at the hunting lodge of the Slate Museum Haut-Martelange. The president of the "Friends of the Slate", Agnes Hoogenhout, welcomed everybody and explained that this tradition of commemorating Holy Barbara, stated a nice final celebration for the friends of the Slate. The association celebrated their 30-years anniversary this year, which was of course highlighted by the grand opening of the underground mine Johanna mid-october, which, since their creation in 1992, was one of the main goals of the "Friends of the Slate". After the official speeches by the Museum's President Marco Schanck and the municipal councillor Mike Bolmer, all the invitees raised the glass to a prosperous future for the Museum and its friends.

Afterwards, just like on usual days/weekends, the Slate Museum opened its doors to the visitors, whereas the friends of the slate continued their get-together at the Restaurant Bauschelter Stuff.

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